“Linda McQuaig [is] one of Canada’s indispensable public intellectuals.”
– Gerald Caplan, The Globe and Mail

“Linda McQuaig might well be described as Canada’s Michael Moore.”
– The National Post

“She should be horsewhipped.”
– Conrad Black

“You really are evil.”
– Kevin O’Leary (to Linda McQuaig) on The Lang & O’Leary Exchange, CBC-TV


The Trouble with Billionaires (with Neil Brooks)

“A devastating expose…An indispensable read.”
– Naomi Klein

“Magnificent—the book of the moment.”
– George Monbiot, The Guardian

“I don’t know another book that illuminates the epic crime behind the current ‘economic crisis’ as concisely, vividly and truthfully as the landmark work by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks.”
– John Pilger, UK-based journalist and documentary film-maker

“A narrative that moves along at the clip of a detective novel. I adore this book with its policy smarts and folksy style.”
– Ellie Kirzner, NOW Magazine

“This book is chock-full of hard economic facts – yet it’s as readable as a crime novel. Come to think of it, this is a crime novel—except that it’s true.”
– Jim Stanford, economist and CBC-TV commentator

“Cutting commentary on disproportionate wealth by one of Canada’s most provocative journalists and a leading Canadian tax expert.”
– Canadian Press

It’s the Crude, Dude

“McQuaig’s perceptive inquiry into the world’s energy system…is an urgent wake-up call that should –and must—be read and acted upon without delay.”
– Noam Chomsky

“Canadian journalist Linda McQuaig’s brilliant It’s the Crude, Dude will give you an overview of ‘Iraqi’ history and indeed of the frantic hunt for the last of the world’s oil that will transform your view of everything current.”
– Heather Mallick, The Globe and Mail

“McQuaig gives the reader an entertaining crash course on the history of the oil industry …It’s a highly educational rant…and a deliciously written one.”
– The Gazette (Montreal)

“Extremely interesting…McQuaig writes extremely well, and has clearly done her homework.”
– The Winnipeg Free Press

“An analysis presented with passion and impressive detail.”
– Maclean’s

The Cult of Impotence

“Linda McQuaig’s magnificent new book, The Cult of Impotence, is the slap upside the head we all sorely need.”
– Heather Mallick, The London Free Press

“This fifth in her series of Establishment-debunking firecrackers is…a significant and fascinating read.”
– Peter C. Newman, The Globe and Mail

Shooting the Hippo

“Part thriller, part financial expose…McQuaig has written an accessible and essential introduction to Canada’s economy for all Canadians…I intend to send a copy to my federal MP, and hope that the book gives him the kind of nightmares it gave me.”
– The Gazette (Montreal)

“McQuaig has laid out sufficient material to throw serious doubt on the economic policies that dominate our society.”
– John Ralston Saul, The Globe and Mail

“McQuaig – one of the country’s most effective journalists – has put together a devastating analysis of the debt/deficit fiasco.”
– The Edmonton Journal

“Like Isaac Asimov, who popularized science for the masses, McQuaig has the gift of making the complicated world of economics understandable.”
– The Financial Post

“If there is anyone who can make economics sexy, it’s popular financial writer Linda McQuaig. Free of jargon and cant, down-to-earth enough to make media potentate Conrad Black white with rage…this woman dares to unmask the arrogance and greed of the world’s corporate money managers.”
– The Times Colonist (Victoria)

The Quick and the Dead

“Read this story about Brian Mulroney and get angry…filled with solid reporting and excellent analysis and tells a story that is enough to make you weep.”
– The Calgary Herald

“McQuaig has given us a masterly, intelligent analysis of what’s happening to Canada …provides a metaphor that absolutely and chillingly captures our prime minister’s character and aspirations. Linda McQuaig gets my own private award – the Canadian Book of Greatest Cultural Significance.”
– Brian Fawcett, Books in Canada

The Wealthy Banker’s Wife

“The Wealthy Banker’s Wife offers an opportunity to elevate the forthcoming…debate to a more intelligent level than the boys in the back room are planning for us. Whether that opportunity is taken depends on whether readers and the media pick up… the gauntlet McQuaig has thrown down.”
– Stan Persky, The Globe and Mail

“Linda McQuaig is one of the most vibrant, effective and readable journalists in the country…provocative and fascinating.”
– Michael Coren, Law Times

Behind Closed Doors

“A tough and thorough analysis of how Canada’s tax system rewards the rich…a devastating profile of Mickey Cohen.”
– Peter C. Newman

“Courageous…The brilliantly written chapter on Cohen is worth the price of the book by itself.”
– Books in Canada

“A page-turner.”
– The Hamilton Spectator

“McQuaig’s book will undoubtedly enrage large segments of society. Equally, many will suggest that she is ‘right on’ and will probably flood the Department of Finance with copies.
– The Globe and Mail

“…a rave review for Linda McQuaig’s Behind Closed Doors…It’s a classic piece of investigative reporting.”
– Toronto Star

“A stinging indictment of Canada’s tax system and the people who shape it…Whether you agree with her –and many businesspeople will find her ideas repugnant – you cannot ignore her.”
– The Financial Post