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In her new book, The Sport & Prey of Capitalists, Linda McQuaig shines a rare spotlight on the economic dogma of our times – privatization.

It tells the story of Canada’s impressive tradition of creating public enterprises and programs — including power plants, a national railway, a public broadcaster, a publicly-owned pharmaceutical company, as well as strong public health care and education systems. But after a century of creating these valuable collective assets, we’ve spent recent decades dismantling them or selling them off to private interests. Privatization has become the driving force in our politics — a doctrine so widely accepted that it’s rarely noticed or questioned. But it has cost us dearly, stealing our national wealth and stripping us of control over our lives. Today, privatization threatens us more than ever. If we are to have any hope of tackling the crises of climate change and income inequality, we have to stop shrinking – and start expanding – our public sphere.