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Over the past 25 years, Linda McQuaig has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses across Canada to labour conferences, teachers’ conventions, professional associations and countless other organizations devoted to advancing the public good.

Her speeches, which draw on research from her books, focus on the importance of tackling income inequality, preserving and strengthening public programs, curbing the dominance of corporate power and moving fast-forward to a green energy future. As a speaker, she’s been praised as knowledgeable, tough, entertaining, and unafraid of taking on the powerful.

“[McQuaig] knows her stuff, and she supports her conclusions with hard evidence based on extensive research…She’s a charismatic figure who speaks with scathing passion, withering humour, and yes, even an occasional expletive to make a point.”

– Gerald Caplan, Globe and Mail, November 2015

She has given dozens of talks at Canadian universities, including the Innis Lecture (University of Toronto), the Chancellor Dunning Trust Lecture (Queen’s University), the Muttart Foundation (University of Alberta), the Morrison Lecture (University of Western Ontario), the Kerr-Saltsman Lecture (University of Waterloo) and the W. Stewart MacNutt Memorial Lecture (University of New Brunswick).